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Grey's rant/squee, seriously.

GAH! Dudes, how much do I want an Icon from this scene?!?!?! I don't fricken care that I LOVE Callie WAY more than I love Izzie but guh! This SCENE!!!!!!!!! Dammit George! With all the hotties on this show they make George the Mack?!?!? Dudes. Seriously. He's such a flake! PICK ONE ALREADY!!!!! Dammit! I hate this show. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE George but how did this happen?!?!? I so need to borrow this season when it comes out on DVD. Seriously.

And randomly one night my mum says to me: I love the way Jess says 'Mohinder' on Heroes.

Me: Uh, you mean Peter Petrelli.

Her: Yeah.

Me: I think it's friggin' hilarious that you HATED him as Jesse on Gilmore but LOVE him on Heroes. What gives?

Her: Dunno.

Ou, and I have 110 userpics. Sweet!
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