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Atlantis Icons

So I'm not fancy, but I made these with PS7. But not necessarily posted in this order...
5 Ford
4 Ronon
4 Very Loverly Atlantis Ladies
3 Sparky
3 Wraith
3 Melia
3 John
2 Elizabeth
2 Teyla
2 Kolya
1 Rodney

01Image hosting by Photobucket02Image hosting by Photobucket03Image hosting by Photobucket

04Image hosting by Photobucket05Image hosting by Photobucket06Image hosting by Photobucket

07Image hosting by Photobucket08Image hosting by Photobucket09Image hosting by Photobucket

10Image hosting by Photobucket11Image hosting by Photobucket12Image hosting by Photobucket

13Image hosting by Photobucket14Image hosting by Photobucket15Image hosting by Photobucket

16Image hosting by Photobucket17Image hosting by Photobucket18Image hosting by Photobucket

19Image hosting by Photobucket20Image hosting by Photobucket21Image hosting by Photobucket

22Image hosting by Photobucket23Image hosting by Photobucket24Image hosting by Photobucket

25Image hosting by Photobucket26Image hosting by Photobucket27Image hosting by Photobucket

28Image hosting by Photobucket29Image hosting by Photobucket30Image hosting by Photobucket

31Image hosting by Photobucket32Image hosting by Photobucket33Image hosting by Photobucket

Caps from New Atlantis/Emedian or... uh, that other place... Or, um, from ppl I've snagged them from... sorry if I did and don't remember. Feel free to snag or snark, but they tell me hotlinking is EVIL. So don't do it. But you can comment cos those make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Text: 4, 5 = The Princess Bride
11 = Bad Mamma Jamma by Stevie Wonder
13 = U2
14 = You Are A Runner and I Am My Father's Son
Wolf Parade
17 = Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back
19 = My Hero by Foo Fighters
21 = Belle in Beauty and the Beast
25 = says "Some kind of a dream" from Where Is My Boy
Faultline feat. Chris Martin
30 = Where Is My Mind by The Pixies
33 = Elton John
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