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oceans endless; a beca/chloe mix

...and here’s the second more angsty take on these two cos pp3 left me wholly unsatisfied and disappointed for so many reasons. they focused on the plot making everything loveable about these dumb movies fall to the wayside... i was also in some kinda way and had feelings. sad feelings. with a tinge of hope. oops.


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WW CJ fall

woo hoo my life is AWESOME

except not. stepped wrong off the stairs trying to avoid something and now i'm in the ER waiting on the xray results of my baseball sized ankle. woo! this turncoat traitorous scum of an appendage... let's hope it's not broken.

oh hey, i started watching once upon a time. enjoying belle and rumple and found family tropes galore and the lady friendships are way super epic.

anyway. how's everyone doing?

pacrim mako conversation

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anyone know what happened to bob and bee? they've purged their jounals and took along with them their amazing natasha/clint fics... i am sad.

puking rainbows in your face

one heart one duty

heh, so. kenzi/dyson kinda sorta happened and it's only everything i ever thought this show was about in the first place so i was really happy and then immediately anxious and worried cos I DON'T TRUST THINGS WHEN THEY HAPPEN THE WAY I THINK THEY SHOULD cos it always ends badly. i made this as an emotional response to that. DAMMIT SHOW!

special thanks to sarahsoph, aj & afigureofspeech


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